offer metal polishing, chrome and gold plating amongst surface finishing services for a wide variety of applications and industries.

We specialise in high quality metal polishing for our customers using finishing for most types of metals including stainless steel, zinc die cast, grey iron, gun metal, aluminium castings, brass and mild steels.

Restoration work and metal preparation for excellent results can be achieved by stripping, polishing and plating for a lustrous and decorative finish and is ideal for many applications.

     • Sheet metal work and pressings.
     • Furniture, fixture and fittings.
     • Engineering components.
     • Lighting and plumbing.
     • Marine & Auto refurbished parts.
     • Signs and door furniture.
     • Castings and alloys.

We welcome enquiries for all types of polishing and chrome from both industrial and non-commercial customers. Contact our sales for more information.